How to Reseal a Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 Wing

Whether your Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 wing is currently leaking into your trunk, or you want to tackle some preventative maintenance, we'll walk you through how to reseal a Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 Wing.
Aero Blue Roadster and Sapphire Silver Blue Coupe shown in photos, as process is slightly different
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Remove all the retainers, which are 2-piece push-in retainers. There is also one T25 torx screw inside the hatch handle. On the push-in retainers, remove the inside piece first. Pop them right out with a plastic scraper, flat head screwdriver or your fingernail.
All retainers and interior trunk cover removed.
Remove all the bolt nuts.
Once all bolt nuts are removed, the wing and base will lift right up.
Now you can remove these last two bolts that are still holding the wing onto the base.

Remove the one Torx bit in the handle, pop the trim panel loose from the liftgate and remove the panel.
All the old gasket seal must be scraped off. Even though the wing is fiberglass and isn't as delicate as other painted parts, it’s safest to use a plastic scraper (rather than something metal such as a razor blade) and Goo Gone.
You can see that the old seal is dried, cracked, and allowing water to penetrate. These corners are culprits of the water leak, along with the wing bolt area itself.
Obvious water penetration issue with these bolt holes.
Clean as best you can to get all the grime – and rust – removed.
Before and after. This is as clean as we could get them. Big difference!
Looking good! All clean! You can even see where the old gasket was. 

Ready to put the wing on. Be sure to use a thick bead of sealant all around each hole to create a water-tight barrier. 
Place the wing base back in after running a very thick bead of sealant. BOLT THE WING ON FIRST or you will end up not using those last 2 bolts. Clean out the extra sealant from the seams. Finger tighten, and then drill tighten, all bolts. Put trunk cover back on, pop all retainers back in place, and put Torx screw back in.

Put a good bead of black silicone sealant all around the wing base.
Also put a good bead of black silicone sealant all around the wing base opening, ensuring you go all around each hole to create a water-tight barrier.
Place the wing base back into the opening.
Press and wiggle base a bit to ensure base is seated properly.
Reattach bolts (finger-tighten only at this point).
Replace O Rings into brass fittings.
Bead sealant around all 4 holes, ensuring a good bead.
Insert wing into wing base.
Press firmly into place.
Finger tighten, then drill tighten, all bolts.
Final Result: A water-tight Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 wing!